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Overseas  Ordering  Process

The current shipping fee settings only applicable to Taiwan,
for overseas orders need to purchase international shipping fee.

1. Contact us

Please click the upper right corner "[MESSAGE] and provide the following information:

  1. The name of product / model.

  2. The number of products that you need.

  3. Delivery Address.

2. Shipping quote

After our Customer Service receive your message, we will calculate the shipping fee for you.

3. Paymen

After confirming the purchase, our Customer Service will provide you with the link of product and Delivery Fee Ticket.

Please place an order and buy delivery fee in【Delivery Fee Ticket】 (Fill in the shipping fee to the QUANTITY field).

4. Complete the transaction

After confirming the order, we will ship the goods, thank you for your purchase.

Overseas ordering notes (Cross-border transactions orders)

● For overseas orders, please carefully evaluate it yourself. The company will not accept the return and exchange of overseas orders.

● Overseas orders will not participate in any gift activities.

● We respond to message quickly (a little longer on National Holidays and Weekends).

Overseas shipping trial calculation Orgin - Taiwan-Changhua

S.F. Express →Chunghwa Post →

How to contact us


  • PC:Please click on the top right corner [MESSAGE]
  • Mobile:Please click on the top left corner [ 三 ] to find [MESSAGE] and click

(refer to the illustration)

Please place an order and buy delivery fee in【Delivery Fee Ticket】 (Fill in the shipping fee to the QUANTITY field).thank you for your purchase.