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Last the culture of regimen
-Taiwan Bamboo Charcoal

Brand Spirit - Healthy and Friendly

It's an attitude that we manage the company.
Harmonious and pleasant are our presentation of healthy spirit.
Correct wisdom and proper consciousness are our presentation of friendly spirit.

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Original idea of Brand

Combining with regimen, humanities and care to develop product in a positive way.
Insist on humble attitude to manage product, and hope to implement the concept of regiment.
Then we can create product which is combining with regimen, humanities and care to use in daily life.

Regarding bamboo charcoal, what's in it for us?

Bamboo charcoal has been known as black diamond, it's the most environmental friendly products that nature gives.
Confirmed by scholars, the porosity of bamboo is better than any plant, containing abundant natural-minerals.
It has many features including the humidity, deodorant, clean air, far infrared, electromagnetic shielding, increased anion.

The quality of Taiwan bamboo charcoal

In recent years, the features of bamboo charcoal are paid attention by internation with its features and added value.
Many relational researches are published and carried on continuously.
Especially, Taiwan's bamboo charcoal material and the kiln skill,
Japan and many countries come for learning and reported by international media.

Yenzch - perfect combination with product and bamboo charcoal

Insisting on using Taiwan bamboo charcoal material with related manufacturing and processing industries.
Uphoding regimen and environmental friendly belief, developing related bamboo charcoal products and using in daily life.
We sincerely hope to give you a healthy and comfortable life experience.

-----------Yenzch brings you to find a healthy way which is about bamboo charcoal-----------